Bouclé yarn typically features loops or small eyelets of varying size, placed at a fairly regular distance.
If the initial yarn is chenille, it has an extremely pleasing ultra-soft feel.

This extraordinary mix led to the creation of GALAXY, a fabric that will appeal to all the senses.
The eyes will be discreetly and harmoniously filled up by reflected light, which has a relaxing effect and immediately after will come a gentle feeling to the touch, which will completely win you over.
The colours have been specifically designed and created to enhance these features and complete the experience naturally conveyed by GALAXY.
Suitable for any shape, it can be used to perfectly adorn a number of products, from essential to more sinuous lines.

Aesthetically pleasing looks are combined with easy care, in a product that is easy to wash, where any stain can be easily removed, along with GALAXY’s great resistance and durability.

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