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It is with great pleasure that we present to you five very young girls who for some time have been working at Dino Zoli Textile, as well as in the whole group.

Indeed, Annalisa, Arianna, Francesca, Giulia and Nouhaila are carrying out their internship in various areas and departments whilst still being fully involved in all the areas making up DZ GROUP HOLDING.
They are therefore experiencing our concept of acting as part of a team.

Investing in young people also means investing in the future of a company. This is something we firmly believe in: that is why we always open our doors to young people who have just completed their studies (and not only those) to introduce them into our world of work and enable to see the daily activities of the group and to share our values.

This is the time for a two-sided opportunity, as young people mature and become aware of what they find stimulating. By comparing themselves with ‘new’ colleagues, they can express and use their skills, thereby enhancing and discovering their talents. At the same time, it is an opportunity for business improvement because involving young people with their ideas and their different points of view is the best way of evolving together in a constantly changing world.

I would like to welcome these young women: it is a pleasure to have your voices join our full-speed-ahead approach!