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Our prints are the result of careful research and study of trends and materials, but above all,  they come to life by  sharing ideas and suggestions within our team.

We love to enrich fabrics with original prints, moving  through different styles, combinations and contrasts.

The cactus print is just that, a game of extravagant contrapositions: rigid, cold and prickly elements combined to the surprising softness and warm embrace of the fabric. Cactus was born from the idea of altering the perception of the fabric itself.

The creation of this print was challenging. We first studied the features of the plant and searched for the best  image for this purpose , later  we applied   a tailored work  of reproduction , trying to keep  the photographic effect and depth of the image  and taking care to ensure that the design was reproducible even on large formats.

“Among all the images, the cactus, which I particularly love as a subject, attracted my attention and after a few attempts we managed to obtain the desired result by graphically reworking the image”, the words of Michela Rosetti, designer of our Style Office.

A set of small round cacti chase each other on the fabric with an alternation of sizes and shades, and  keep unaltered the photographic effect  thanks to the very high print quality that allows us to obtain images with excellent definition of details.