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Digital printing is one of the most sophisticated fabric printing processes, which obtains high quality reproduction, excellent handle and finish, whilst maintaining a permanent characteristic of the fabric.

Dino Zoli Textile Studio, in collaboration with a student of the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, Ms. Reyhanen Alikhani, worked closely together to create this original pattern.  Rey was given full creative freedom for the initial concept of colouration and design development with the final selection process being overviewed by the company’s experts to put together the most commercial and harmonious colour combinations for contemporary room settings.

The final result offers you a textile proposal with great character and a colour palette  that enables you to surround yourself within vibrant and bold colours within your own home environment.

The bright colours of the design stand out clearly as a result of the three-dimensional structure of the fabric LONDA, which is used as a printing base fabric and also offered in the collection as a coordinate plain fabric. Each colour of the pattern has at least three matching options.

The pattern is an all over design that has no constraints on the final furniture shapes and models.

CLEAR is the perfect fabric range for decorative projects and combined with its’ excellent technical features make this durable fabric most suitable for sofas, armchairs, cushions and upholstered furniture. It is easy to keep clean due to the stain-resistant ‘’Easy&Clean’’ finish and is also machine washable. For removable covers, dirt disappears at a low temperature wash, using a small amount of detergent which also respects the environment.