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Almost 10 years ago, Dino Zoli TEXTILE’s Design and Development department started working on the creation of strong and resistant fabrics also for outdoor furniture.
However, it went beyond this idea, as the style department wanted more: to obtain the design combined with the outstanding looks and fabric hand renowned in interior furnishings, offering all of this for outdoor environments as well.
Indeed, outdoor furniture too needs to be beautiful, elegant and feature a creative touch, as well as high technical performance.
This is where Dino Zoli TEXTILE’s thorough Technical Department came into play with its very meticulous and forward-looking approach: that is why, in addition to the usual solidity, it also asked for checks on tolerability in terms of contact with very delicate skin, resistance to a variety of aspects (chlorine, sun lotion and perspiration) and the option of being hygienised and sanitised.

But once again we had to take one step further: the proposal had to remain in line with the attention and care for the environment, which characterises the company’s philosophy. This is why the items are all 100% recyclable and have a low environmental impact, neutralizing waste in terms of energy and polluting products.

All this gradually came together in the GREEN COLLECTION, the first one created to truly meet everyone’s needs.