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RE-Cycle fabrics are the result of a focus on ethical and environmental sustainability.

The yarns used are obtained from recycling and regeneration processing of waste derived from textile processing,  rather than  from old garments or plastic materials of common use, otherwise destined to be disposed in landfill.

These are mechanical processes with a very low environmental impact that do not alter the qualities of textile fibers and semi-finished products and that meet the requirements of the GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification, in a logic of Circular Economy and respect for the environment.


RE-Cycle fabrics  contribute, without affecting quality and innovation , to

  • reduce the production of waste
  • reduce pollution
  • reduce water consumption
  • reduce pesticides use
  • reduce chemicals and dyes use
  • reduce CO2 production
  • reduce raw materials consumption
  • reduce the use of energy consumption

At Dino Zoli Textile, we have always been sensitive and careful in reducing any environmental impact and this philosophy is highly represented in this collection:


a Bouclé weft, add to the properties of the wool in the composition, giving the article a soft and fluffy hand, with an extraordinary look.

The typically “ruffled” irregular surface creates a play of transparencies that enhances the flamed movement of the background.

The combination of fine fibers and yarns, in line with fashion trends, make it a contemporary, innovative and extremely versatile fabric.


a reinterpretation of a classic tweed fabric in a modern style. The wool blend yarn used in the weft, together with its Donegal effect, create, together with the two-tone yarn used in the warp, a pleasant chromatic balance.

The yarns used give the fabric a compact consistency, but at the same time pleasant and soft to the touch.


in this fabric, different elements (yarns) blend together in its construction with a perfect balance of colours and tactile sensations.

The warp yarn, with a two-tone slub effect, work together, with a frisée printed yarn with various shades that recall the tones of the wool blend yarn with a Donegal effect.

The result is a vibrant effect, soft and pleasant to the touch, similar to the classic “chanel” style fabrics, which makes it easy to coordinate.